HHO Hydrogen Atomic Gas Generator - L/LB size

Large model for Groups 

  • 4 person model
  • Continuous operation time : 6-8 hours
  • Continuously produces stable hydrogen and oxygen mixed gas as soon as you press the button. 
  • In Salon you can inhale 4 people at a time. 
  • Continuous operation time and Cooling time depend on the environment such as room temperature.


  • Design is simple so that everyone can use easily.
  • This machine has a safety device to prevent malfunction.


  • You can use this machine for a long time because of using the material which is developed to prevent corrosion of electrode.
  • This machine controls input electric current and voltage automatically.
  • This control protects electrode.
  • Patented:Patent Number 5775456 in Japan

Salient Features of HHO Atomic Gas Generator Technology

Linear Control generates the most suitable quantity of hydrogen.

This generator produces high concentration HHO gas byelectrolyzing pure water. Gas generation efficiency increases because high voltage and high pulses are given to inner water by linear control. 

Inhalation for 20 minutes = hydrogen water 300

The amount of hydrogen evolution for 20 minutes is the same as that contained in about 300 liters of hydrogen water. (Converted to 0.6 ppm hydrogen water) Efficient hydrogen inhalation is possible in a short time.

Hydrogen concentration 670,000 ppm

High concentration HHO gas with 67% hydrogen and 33% oxygen is efficiently generated.

Easy use anytime, during sports or relaxing

Hydrogen oxygen inhalation is possible while relaxing. Easy operation just by pushing the button with a tube attached to the nose. Salon, people who are interested in business can also use. Hydrogen is useful for those who are interested in sports and beauty. Some people inhale before and after exercise or before going to bed.